My Journey as an Educational Therapist

Teaching is often viewed as a job or profession but it is far more than that. An educational therapist’s journey represents a lifelong commitment to learning, not only about the curriculum content area and technological innovations, but also true passion for new knowledge and skills. This makes you more effective as a professional and most importantly a human being.

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It is amazing when you consider an Educational Therapist’s journey as an adventure. For me that sure is! Each year I encounter new students and continue building rapport with existing students. I become a part of their lives, just as they become members of our community. I witnesses to their happiness and distress. I watch as they learn, grow and mature. I do my best to support, encourage and inspire them to succeed holistically.

Being a part of the Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS) Organisation has deepened my teaching experience. My adventure in DAS started with Dyslexia and Essential Literacy (DELA) intensive training. All Educational Therapists have to go through this mandatory training before we are able to teach our students. Apart from DELA, we had to go through other modules like Enhanced Classroom Instructions before pursuing our Postgraduate Certificate. These trainings broaden one’s knowledge especially when dealing with students with dyslexia and other learning needs.


zaidah cycles for move for dyslexia

Besides teaching, the DAS offers many opportunities for Educational Therapists to explore and contribute. One opportunity that came to me was being involved in working with one of my students creating an art piece for the Guest of Honour at the Student Graduation Ceremony. Apart from that, being a part of the World Dyslexia Awareness Month (WDAM) Committee had been another wonderful experience in DAS. The Move for Dyslexia was one of the initiatives where I could contribute back to the community by cycling and running to raise funds for the less fortune students.

I look forward to many more opportunities in the years to come. I hope to contribute in other ways to help people with dyslexia and other learning needs achieve their full potentials. Thank you DAS for having me as part of you.





Zaidah d/o Mohamed Jaffar
Educational Therapist, Associate Member Plus (RETA)
Main Literacy Programme, Tampines Learning Centre

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