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If you are unsure of how the form needs to be completed and what documents are required, please email the RETA Admin at for further clarification. Thank you.

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Please list qualifications in chronological order starting with the latest achieved, and attach certificates. Your certificates need to be sighted and verified (stamped with "Certified True Copy"). If you are based in:
i) Singapore - You could get your HR to do this or you could visit us at either Rex House or Jurong Point in person to certify true copies of certificates. Please notify us before coming down via email and please bring along either your NRIC or passport.
ii) Overseas - Please provide photocopies of certificates and verification from institutions.



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PART V PRIVATE CONSULTATION (Not Applicable to DAS Staff and Allied Educators)

If you are available for private consultation, please indicate your preferred mode of contact, so that members of the public can contact you. Please also indicate your preferred zones within Singapore (e.g. East, Central, West, etc). Please ensure before filling out this section that making yourself available for Private Consultation is not in conflict with your Ministry of Education (MOE) employment contract.


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(If yes, please state nature of offense. Note: An affirmative answer will not necessarily result in disqualification)

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