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Professor Angela Fawcett

Registrar, Register of Educational Therapists (Asia)
Academic Director, Dyslexia Association of Singapore  

Angela Fawcett Angela is a leading international researcher into dyslexia and other learning differences, with a range of theoretical and applied contributions. Angela is now Emeritus professor at Swansea University, following her retirement in January 2011 and also holds an honourary professorship at Sheffield University. She was awarded a 2-year Leverulme Emeritus fellowship until September 2013, to complete her research projects in Wales. She is one of the co-authors of the Dyslexia Screening Test (DST) and her recent visit to India in July 2012 to lecture at the World Education Summit generated 45 articles in the press on the launch of the DST-J India.

Ms Geetha Shantha Ram
Director of MOE-aided DAS Literacy Programme & Staff Professional Development
Geetha Shantha Ram is the Director of the English Language and Literacy (ELL) Division, which includes the Main Literacy Programme (MLP) and has led programme enhancements for the DAS through the Essential Literacy Approach and the current integrated MLP curriculum. Besides ELL, Geetha oversees SpLD Assessment Services and the Staff Professional Development division. Formerly, the Assistant Director of the DAS Academy, Geetha trained Allied educators, parents and other professionals and continues to present at conferences, most recently at the 2018 British Dyslexia Association international conference.

Geetha has a Masters in English (NUS), a Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (Distinction) (LMU) and is currently pursuing a doctorate in the area of giftedness and Specific Learning Differences. With over 10 years of experience supporting children and adults in the area of dyslexia, Geetha constantly aspires to provide a quality service to dyslexics that searches for and realises their true potential and provides them with a view to appreciate their own unique gifts.

Dr Kate Saunders
Chief Executive Officer, British Dyslexia Association
Dr. Kate Saunders is the Chief Executive Officer of the British Dyslexia Association. Kate has over twenty years of experience in the field of dyslexia and special educational needs, having worked as a Senior Specific Learning Difficulties/Dyslexia Advisory Teacher, Special Educational Needs Coordinator, chartered psychologist and lecturer. Kate has a Ph.D. in Education.  She is co-editor of 'Dyslexia Friendly Schools – Good Practice Guide' published by the British Dyslexia Association and co-author of 'How Dyslexics Learn', published by PATOSS (the Professional Association of Teachers of Students with SpLD). 





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