Nur Amirah Binte Arzami

Name: Nur Amirah Arzami

Membership level: Associate Fellow

Gender: Female

Nationality: singaporean


Bio About

Amirah joined DAS in 2017 as an Educational Therapist, and then later DAI in 2019 as a Specialist Tutor. She teaches literacy and mathematics to students with dyslexia and other SpLDs in both group and individual settings. She believes that every child deserves the chance to find their own meaning of success and not what society expects from them. Amirah has been continuously expanding her skillset and learn from her experienced colleagues. She had earned her Diploma in Educational Therapy and PGC in Specific Learning Differences while continuing to upgrade her skills with numerous courses and training - helping her earn the PCC in IEP, Mathematics Support and Higher-Order Mathematical Skills. She also completed her Certificate in Virtual Specialization to cater to students who opt for online tutoring. Her passion for what she does extends beyond the classroom as she advocates via educating fellow colleagues, parents, and the masses through the webinars she conducted titled Online Tutoring for SpLD and Supporting Co-Morbidities of SpLD in the Classroom.